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Q: What is TASIL and what I can do with it?

A: TASIL is giving you the ability to send messages targeted in real-time. You can react to people location, and target campaigns using many filters. This way you will be sure that you will send your message to your potential customers, not to a crowd.

Q: What is real-time and why should I care?

A: Realtime means that we can react to location or behavior of certain people in minutes and send campaign when they will fall into campaign criteria. In example: people walking into the mall can get a message from owner of a shop located in this mall. This allows message to be interesting and relevant.


Q How to register?

A: Please fill all fields in registration page and upload Company Registration (CR) document in PDF format. We will send you verification email with link. After clicking the link your account will be ready to use and to create first campaign. Your CR document will be verified later, together with your first campaign.

Q: do I pay anything for registration

A: there is no registration or setup fee. You pay only for finished campaign, for messages that were sent.

Creation of the campaign, processing

Q: How to make my first campaign?

A: After logging in you can create campaign clicking “Campaigns” and then “Add new”. Fill necessary fields like date of start and end, name of campaign, contents of message and needed filters or segments and click “create and send to confirm” button. If you have enough funds on your account it will be sent to confirmation. After your campaign will be accepted by administrator it will be sent to your customers.

Q: What filter are there?

A: We use location, age, gender, lists and purchasing power filters. There are also segment: groups of users who are interested in common thing like fitness or music.

Q: How precise is location filter?

A: Location filter target people logging to cellular telecommunication stations, scattered all over the country. If one of those stations will be inside area you selected, all people logging to his station will be targeted by location filter. Estimated daily results are shown when you are creating campaign, but as any estimation they won’t be fully accurate. Especially times of holidays or Ramadan can affect accuracy of estimation.

Q: What is this gauge I see when I create campaign? What does it do?

A: This gauge indicates if your budget is matching criteria of your campaign. If budget is too small the arrow will go to the left. If the campaign is too small for the budget you have, the arrow goes to the right – try to add more locations or remove any filter then.

Q: What will happen if I will use many filters?

A: Only people matching all criteria will be sent messages.

Q: Why my campaign was rejected?

A: Most likely, it was not complying to our Terms and Conditions (EUSA). You can check the reason of rejection in campaign details.

Q: Will anyone check my message?

A: Yes, our Moderator checks every messages for compliance with general service rules. However, the spelling or quality of message relies on the Client, and message contents won’t be altered.

Q: I don’t know how to create a successful message, can you help me?

A: Please check our guide here.

Q: What messages can I send?

A: In this version of TASIL you can send only SMS messages. We will work on adding more channels.

Q: How long can my message be?

A: SMS message can contain maximum of 160 characters, including space. If you are using Arabic this number falls to 70 due to technical reasons. However, if you will exceed this number of characters in your message we will send two (or more) SMS messages. This mean you will pay for two messages sent to every customer targeted by your campaign. If you can try to keep your messages under 160 characters to keep costs low. Your message can be up to 5 SMS long

Q: What is my success rate?

A: Unfortunately, using SMS channel you can’t check success rate. There is, however, smart way of checking if messaging does work: you can give your customer discount if they show SMS message at the point of sale. Another way is including a link to your website and check traffic there.

Q: Who will receive my messages?

A: If you are not trying to reach your own contact list, the messages will be broadcasted to Omantel subscribers.

Q: Can I send messages to non-Omantel numbers?

A: Yes. You can send bulk SMS by uploading your contacts list to TASIL and choosing the list in the campaign configurator. However, please be aware that our targeting options won’t work with non-Omantel numbers (e.g. location, age, nationality). If you want to broadcast messages to your contact list, we encourage you only to use the “List filter”.

Q: Can I send messages abroad?

A: No, only people in Oman can receive messages.

Q: I’ve set number of messages and they were not sent, what’s happening?

A: Campaign time of work passed before it “found” selected number of people matching your criteria. TASIL is a real-time system and we cannot predict user’s behavior in future. Money for messages not sent are refunded on TASIL account.

Q: My campaign finished before ending time

A: Campaign budget was finished before campaign ending time. This means we have sent maximum number of messages you set in campaign. We never send more sms than you request, to ensure you will not go outside your budget.


Q: Do I have to pay to create campaign?

A: no, you may work with campaign creator as long as you need. When you will be ready to run it top-up your account and send it co confirmation by our moderator

Q:To pay online you can use credit card, debit card or wire transfer. Simply go to “Your Billing” section and click “Top-Up” button, you will be presented with both options.

A: To pay online you can use credit card, debit card or wire transfer. Simply go to “Your Billing” section and click “Top-Up” button, you will be presented with both options.

Q: How much I will be charged?

A: You will be charged for exact number of messages we delivered, but never over budged you set during campaign creation.

Q: How I will be billed?

A: When you decide to give campaign a GO and you decide to send it to verification we allocate funds for the campaign. This is the amount of money you would spend for campaign. However if we send less messages then you specified in campaign creator rest of the funds will be returned to your TASIL Account.

General concerns

Q: How you get this data?

A: We are using data from telecommunication company.

Q: I don’t want to receive any messages from TASIL. How can I prevent it?

A: To comply with TRA regulations and applicable law mobile subscribers have right to opt-out from TASIL communication from certain advertisers. To allow this each message will be ended with advice “To optout: https://tasil.omantel.om/opt-out/TOKEN” where “TOKEN” will be a set of unique, alphanumeric characters. Advice sending is free of charge, user pays only for advertising message. The link is valid for 24 hours. If you would like to opt-out from any communication from TASIL send us a leter to support@tasil.omantel.om

Q: If You are using this data, is my data stored at operator is safe?

A: No data is leaving your cellular network operator. All processing is made on operator systems.

Q: How segments are constructed?

A: Segments are calculated with peoples behavioral patterns, and will be changing over time, as we learn more about audience.

Q: What is your policy towards personal data protection?

A: Omantel considers privacy of our customers and security of their data to be of top priority. Within TASIL all data is processed only by Omantel systems and no customer personal information is shared with any third parties, including advertisers.


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