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TASIL is brought to you as a result of partnership between Omantel, the Sultanate's first and leading integrated telecommunications services provider and TUATARA, an European digital technology company.

We wanted to create a service that is available for each and every entrepreneur. Each company has a chance to improve communication with their customers with our help.

Thanks to the platform, companies are able to communicate with their customers better, delivering them offers they need, at the most appropriate moment.

We believe that trustworthy information and good communication are the best possible foundations of a high-quality service and TASIL is a service based exclusively on these.

TASIL is aiming to bring new value to customer communications in Oman, playing an important role in building a totally connected community through innovation.


With these tricks, you can truly ace creating SMS campaigns with TASIL. And believe us, it’s truly that simple! Our pricing is also really transparent – see it for yourself!


You and your customers deserve the best possible service. With TASIL Omantel, your customers will look forward to receiving your message. Try our SMS marketing platform now!
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